Cleaning your air conditioner might appear like a tedious and difficult task, but it is a crucial one. Not a lot of people understand how important the servicing and cleaning of an air conditioner is to its working. Efficiency, energy saving and durability of the air conditioner all depends on the cleaning and the maintenance of your unit.

How to Clean your Air Conditioner?

Now that we are convinced that cleaning is crucial for the air conditioner, let us see the easy ways you can clean your Orient DC Inverter.


Indoor Dust Filters

Your indoor unit has dust filters that need regular cleaning. It is usually advised that you remove the air filters and clean them every few weeks especially in models that do not have air purification system inbuilt in your Orient inverter ac. Just simply pop open the plastic covers and remove the filter. You can clean them with water, a dry rag or a vacuum cleaner.

Air Conditioner Louvres

Your Orient air conditioner louvers are the oscillating blades that direct air flow in your air conditioner. In most air conditioners, they are removable and you can detach them, clean them with a rag or a vacuum and place them back in the unit

Outdoor Unit

We do not advise that you open the outdoor unit for cleaning but you should keep it away from any plants and other potential harm and can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and debris from the unit.

Professional Servicing

Your Orient air conditioner should also be professionally serviced in a regular manner. This is important because the service personnel will check the refrigerant levels, test the thermostat and ensure all the internals are in good condition. This practice will also keep the unit running for many years. Orient Electronics provide the customers with service warranties and rapid after-sales services to deal with the cleaning & maintenance of Orient Inverter ac.

With manufacturers like Orient Electronics providing care services round the clock, it is even easier for you to keep your air conditioner clean, efficient and durable.

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