Internet of things or IoT usually means the billions of physical devices connected to the internet all around the globe. All of these devices are collecting and sharing data among them. All of this has made it possible with easy access to technology and cheap computer chips. You can turn on anything from a small device like a pill speaker to as big as an airplane. Connecting all these devices adds a certain level of intelligence among them making them collecting and analyzing data.

Orient is one of the leading electronic brands in Pakistan. They are the pioneers of creating smart home devices.   

Orient’s IoT Devices

Orient has launched a line of IoT devices. It includes smart LED TV, smart switches, and DC Inverter AC. These devices are created using cutting-edge technology that saves you a lot of electricity. Our IoT devices promise to make your homes, offices, and vehicles smarter and measurable.

IoT DC Inverter Air Conditioners

Our IoT air conditioners would completely revamp your way of living. These smart air conditioners are specially designed to cut down your electricity cost. Various cool features come with our air conditioners. One of them is the self-cleaning mode. This is a built-in auto-clean feature that clears the dust and odor from evaporators enhancing the airflow in the air conditioner. 

smart Ac

You can also use the auto-sleep mode in the air conditioner. Just set the time before going to the bed your AC would shut itself down at your time. All of this is possible because our air conditioners are equipped with the latest IoT kits. There is also a mobile application that allows you to monitor your AC’s performance.

IoT Smart Switches

These smart switches are truly a revolutionary invention. They offer the maximum comfort and luxury for your homes and offices. These switches are easy to install. Just install these switches in your home or office, connect them with your smartphones with the application, and voila! You can turn on and off all the devices from anywhere in the world with our smart switches. We offer 1 gang, 2 gang, and 3 gang smart switches based on your needs. These switches are completely secure and need your authorization before connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Not only these are smart switches, but also, they have a sleek design and tactile mechanical buttons. 

Smart LED TV

Get the ultimate experience of gaming, Netflix, and browsing with our smart IoT LED TV. Its ultra-high-resolution gives you full-on entertainment in high-definition. These devices are IoT enabled and have several built-in applications. Our smart LED TVs have the latest android version with a built-in chrome cast feature. You can jog through memory lane by watching old family photos and videos together with your friends and family. Our smart TV’s also have Quad Core processors to give your decisive gaming experience on a giant screen. You can also enjoy music with built-in YouTube applications on our high-quality speakers.

Orient is one of the very first electronic companies that has launched a complete line of IoT devices. If you are looking to buy smart devices for your home at an affordable price then look no further, we have got you covered.

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