In the life of every family refrigerator serve as the center of attention because food is obviously one of the most important things in our lives. This is a significant factor that from breakfast to lunch, brunch and dinner everything includes the use of the refrigerator. This is as simple as that, your food’s life depends on the quality of the place where you keep it, and that means your refrigerator!  Orient understands the fact that how essential refrigerator is, in your life and this is the reason why we try to provide the high quality refrigerators to you and we have crafter our refrigerators in a very detailed manner, keeping in mind the proper and actual significance of the configuration, dimensions to finishes and special features as well. Orient Refrigerators are manufactured to provide you;

Excellent food quality

With the thickest door installation, Thickest door insulation, 260 liters and 18 min instant cooling food Orient refrigerators are specially presented to you with the proper functionality. The lowest temperature of Orient refrigerator is -28 degree which is more than enough for keeping your food frozen for a long time.


Orient Refrigerators are one of the most durable refrigerators as they come with the thickest door insulation and the manual which will guide you properly about how to keep your refrigerators! Food Grade Gasket material will help to maintain the food quality for a long time. The anti-fungal gasket is there to maintain the hygienic ambiance in the refrigerator. Japanese compressor comes with the 10-year warranty!

Elegant design

The beautiful design of Orient Refrigerates makes them not only one of the smartest refs in mechanism but also one of the best and elegant refrigerators according to the looks as well. Keep these refrigerators in your kitchen and let everyone adore the looks as well. The variety of colors in Orient refrigerators makes them more interesting and attractive.

Budget Efficient Refrigerators

Orient presents you refrigerators at a very economical price but these refrigerators also make your monthly electricity bill amount decrease immensely. Through the low voltage consumption mechanism, these refrigerators will help you save some extra amount as well! This makes Orient Refrigerators budget friendly as well!

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