People who do their laundry by themselves know the fatigue and issue when you don’t have the stable washing machine in winters. Those people know how difficult it is to perform this task. It’s pretty depressing when you know that your washing machine can’t cooperate with loads of cloths and there is no sun as well! In this situation Orient recommends you to choose a smart washing machine for yourself! There are many washing machines but still we have 5 reasons that you need to replace your old washing machine with the new one, every winter season! Let’s have a look,


There is no doubt that washing machine is a home appliance which is used in every season with the same frequency. The reason behind that is, the need of washing the clothes because no matter what you can’t stop wearing clothes. Hence those people who are job oriented or go to college university or have children in home need to do laundry and require a highly efficient washing machine.

Wash Quality

Summer clothes are very light they don’t need much detailed wash but when it comes to winter clothes, we need to know that the fabric is a bit tough to wash. There is the reason why wash quality of an old washing machine is not as much accurate as a new automatic washing machine. This is the reason why you need to purchase a new washing machine for your winter clothes.

Save Electricity

Orient’s new washing machines have a different mechanism and consume less electricity. These washing machines consume very low voltage and these are compatible with every energy source because of this feature. So, if you purchase a new washing machine you will save your electricity bill as well.

Smart Features

With the E comfort features being introduced in all the home appliances by Orient, washing machines are also a part of MEVRIS e comfort. You can easily operate the washing machines with the help of the e comfort making sure that your clothes are washed and dried properly. This features also gives you the full control over your washing machine and all the home appliances.

Winter Essential

We all know that washing machine is our necessity in winters and the most required feature is Dryer. When the sun doesn’t show up one thing which we can rely on with our laundry is dryer of the washing machine. So, we can say that washing machine is a winter essential, right?

If you want to purchase the best washing machine for your home then choose Orient automatic super washing machine. We have stored the best features and the most reliable mechanism in this washing machine for you! Order now and chill this winter season!

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