Mevris- A universal IoT platform developed by the technology development wing of Orient Group receives an update to guarantee a more rationalized & secure usage owing to the availability of more meaningful data at the user’s disposal. Released on the eve of Pakistan’s Independence Day, the application’s latest update aims to enable a fast, secure & enhanced experience.

Improvements Made in Mevris’s Latest Update

Access to Live Information

Owing to the new update, Mevris users can now easily check the live readings & charts of the energy consumption of their appliance i.e. air conditioner. Previously, the stats were only obtainable after usage but now observed readings can be accessed right at their occurring instance.

Added Security via Data Encryption Protocols

Mevris has transited from http to https protocol thus adding additional security to the operations occurring at the application for ensuring performance benefits.  Due to the integration of a secure communication protocol, Mevris users will be less prone to malware attacks & identity theft. The SSL certificate assimilated will make sure of the security while processing sensitive data i.e. login credentials.

Key processes such as requests, responses, sessions, caching, authentication and more, have been made more secure & credible through communication occurring via encrypted channels.

 From Minutes to Seconds -10x Faster

The upgraded version of Mevris promises to offer an accelerated response time providing the users a less lethargic experience & better access to functions of the platform. Empowering users to observe real-time information quicker, the application eradicates the lagging issue thus providing users access to more correct data to ensure energy saving and optimized usage.

A Major Breakthrough- Better Access to Analytics

The most noteworthy feature provided in Mevris’s latest update is accurate & timely delivery of data & information. With the provision of live, hourly, weekly & monthly reports for better assessment & performance measuring, Mevris provides users with deeper insights, analytics intelligence, detailed data, comprehensive reporting & much more.  Also, visualization of data when the device was turned off has also been addressed in this update to ensure data completeness.

Converting Complexity to Simplicity via an Intuitive UI/UX

Lessening the UI/UX complications, Mevris now offers an enhanced overall experience for users to better operate the application. In comparison to its former version, Mevris is now more user friendly & permits people to perform operations with least efforts. With needless pages & menus now gone & most utilities available at a mere click, the varied fragments of the application are now more handy & simple.  Moreover, Mevris now offers a more personalized interface that allows the user to fully customize their profile. For on-the-go users, the application’s mobile experience has also been augmented for faster operations. Generally, with better visualization & graphics, Mevris users will enjoy an improved experience at the IoT platform.

Devices Now Easily Added

 Also, the addition of devices has also been streamlined by providing a user friendly step by step   procedure with details of each one of the sections. After extermination of the unnecessary steps, the shortened device add flow will permit the users to effortlessly add as many devices as they like without much hassle.

Better Handling- Way Paved for Family Sharing Feature

Formerly, if a device was re-added by a user, the previous instance of the device still existed and caused confusion. Now with new release, the previous instance is automatically marked as “not available” thus eliminating the confusion. With more improvements to be made in near future, this feature has paved the way for family sharing feature.

Commenting on the latest release, Orient’s Director Marketing & Sales,  Mian Abdul Rehman Talat said:-

"Mevris’s new update will help users to monitor, visualize & control a huge number of appliances with little to no effort. Enabling customers to have better & faster access to a broad vista of their data, with immediate ability to spot problems and zoom in, we are revolutionizing the way how machines connect to people. Owing to this new update, Mevris is more powerful than ever as it offers numerous ways of making sense of data at many levels, from the micro to the helicopter view.  I believe that releasing a product is only the beginning, putting in efforts to add features to meet the changing requirements & coping up with emerging trends is critical for sustainability & it plays a crucial role in the overall success of the product. Aiming to cover a wide spectrum of home appliances globally, we here at BlueEast aim to make sure the availability of digital equipment & software along with its adoption while keeping things simple."

As Internet of Things devices today are helping to make simpler the lives of people & verticals, a greater dependence on monitoring and load testing technologies is coming more in use. Being considered much of a paradigm shift in terms of machine-to-man communication, Mevris is creating an enormous influx of new devices that support eased operations due to the amalgamation of modern technologies.

With IoT bringing new challenges to the user’s end on a number of fronts, it was vital for Mevris to gain a competitive advantage in terms of real-time analysis to support a myriad of devices across the country & beyond.

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