5 Things You Never Knew You Could Wash in Your Washing Machine

Thinking outside the box helps with a number of things, even with using washing machines. Have you ever tried to think of what else you could wash in there other than the normal clothes we all know about?

The modern automatic washing machines have helped reduced human output to almost zero now and the washing and cleaning have been optimized to a huge degree. But, if you really find out how many things you could easily clean with the best washing machine you could ever find, you will be surprised. Let’s find out.

Stuffed Toys


This might not have been possible with the semi-automatic machines of the past because there was always the risk of tearing or damaging the precious childhood memories or necessities, in case of children. Now, with the gentle washing option in most washing machines, it is easy to just pop all your stuffed toys in and get them as clean as when you first got them.

This is very convenient if your child is emotionally attached to their favorite toy that they drag everywhere they go. Your worry about the bacteria and germs the toy gathers can now be reduced.

Sneakers or Shoes


Yes, you can now easily wash your sneakers or joggers in the washing machine instead of the meticulous cleaning with a rag and polish of the past. All you need to do is take out the laces as well as the soles and inserts, put your shoes in a pillowcase and let the machine work its magic. The pillowcase helps save the shoes from getting tangled in the other clothes or losing their form.



Not just pillowcases, your pillows can also be squeakily cleaned using the best washing machine in Pakistan- Orient Washing Machine. Just put in two pillows at a time and turn the machine on at the gentle warm-water cycle. To make sure that all the soap has been removed, you need to add extra-cold water to and let the machine rinse and spin. To get the pillows back to their fluffy self after the washing, dry them on low heat!

Shower Curtains


Quite a few people forget how your shower curtains can become the most unsanitary hub for moss and fungi that grow in moist environments. They may be plastic but you can still keep them hygienic and clean by washing them in the automatic washing machine every once in a while.

School Bags and Backpacks


The dirty school bags of your kids or your backpacks from your jaunt across the mountains can also be easily cleaned by washing them for a cycle in the machines. Make sure you rinse and spin them well and do not overfill the washing tub.

These are just some of the common things that you can wash in the best washing machine you buy at the amazing price of the washing machine in Pakistan, especially on Orient Electronics. What are you waiting for? Start your cleaning fest now!

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