Washing Machine Capacities Explained: Get the Right Size!

Like everything else in life, washing machines come in all shapes and sizes. To get the capacity you require, you need to choose the washing machine that perfectly suits all your needs. If you pick one that is too small for the number of family members you have or one that is too big, all you will do is end up wasting energy and adding to your electricity bill.

Figuring out the exact right size of a washing machine can be a bit of a tricky job, as there are multiple things that you might need to consider! Thus, it is always better that you sit down and make a decision based on the attributes and features of both your household as well as the washing machine. If you’re looking for the best washing machine online, you should always make sure that you have complete size information from the manufacturer as no one is going to let you test the machine with a load of laundry, are they?

What is a Washing Machine’s Capacity in Kilogram?

The capacities as you know it are always mentioned in kilograms. To eliminate any confusion, this capacity DOES NOT mean that the washing machine weighs 7 or 10 KG!

This figure describes the weight of the laundry load that you can wash in the machine at one time. This weight of laundry is what the machine can efficiently and easily clean without taking excess time or energy.

When getting a larger capacity washing machine for a bigger family, please do keep in mind that the larger-capacity washing machines are bigger in size as well as weight. It is always prudent that you measure the space you have for the washing machine and get one of similar dimensions!

Drum Size & Capacity

washing machine drum

An automatic washing machine’s drum capacity is the actual capacity of the machine. This signifies the amount of clothes that it can wash in one cycle and is usually a little bit less than the amount that you will be able to physically fit inside the machine.

When you are choosing a drum size, there are two things that you should take into account:

  • Washing Habits
  • Your Needs
  • Frequency of Washing
  • Fabric & Clothes You Wash

If you have a middle-sized family and live in a temperate climate, 7-8 KG automatic washing machines would work well for you! They will have enough space as well as programs tailored for smaller loads too.

For a large-sized family where clothes are washed at least twice a week n heavy loads, a bigger drum size is suggested.

How Much Can You Wash at Once?

The exact amount of laundry that you can fit inside your washing machine is usually suggested by the manufacturer and will depending on the model as well as size of the washing machine. To help you estimate, a 7 kg washing machine can wash around 35 t-shirts at one time!

Is Overloading the Machine Really That Bad?

Yes! There are a number of reasons why overloading the washing machine is a very bad idea. Two of them are:

  • Your laundry won’t be cleaned properly
  • Overloading may even damage the washing machine

If there isn’t enough room for the clothes to move around, they would obviously not be cleaned properly as the automatic washing machine will not be able to agitate them as thoroughly.

Dry clothing might not feel very heavy to you, but try and imagine the weight it will be when the clothes are wet. If the weight of your load exceeds the limit of weight that your washing machine can wash, it might malfunction or break down completely. This is why it is always advised that you get a washing machine that is best suited to your needs and your family size!

automatic washing machine

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