If you are planning to purchase an effective water dispenser for your home, business or office then today’s post is just for you as it encompasses of the points you should consider while buying one. Water dispensers have become very common in the recent years owing to the convenience they offer.  Not only are these thirst quenching appliances hygienic and affordable but also serve every purpose one might consider of while handling liquids. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has become a basic necessity to relish better productivity and better living.

Dispensers come in numerous styles, types and capabilities. Commonly, dispensers incorporate two separate sections for water at different temperatures. One is for cold (5- 7°C) and the other for hot water (80-95°C). The modern one’s nowadays also have a third section that provides water at room temperature.

Considering available variety in the market, choosing one can really be a tough job. The question is- How can you be sure of which dispenser provides value for money and best suites your needs?

In order to buy reliable water dispensers in Pakistan, consider the following points for an easier selection process.

Reputable Electronics Company

It is always advised that you buy a branded appliance for peace of mind and superior performance. Look for a reputable company that specializes in this domain, has years of experience and holds a solid reputation.

Water Dispenser Type

Depending on your requirement, determine whether a 3 or 2 tap dispenser works for you. Also, see if the refrigerator cabinet is powerful enough to keep your food preserved for a longer time.  When talking about type, design is also an important factor, choose the design type that compliments your place. If you’re old school, a simple one would be enough to get the job done.

Buying versus Renting

Buying is as simple as 123, but when it comes to renting one; usually what happens is that drinking water companies add in a water dispenser to your plan.  Though it may seem that you’re getting the dispensers free with the order but what you don’t know is that its rent is already included in there.  So to juice out more money from the customers, companies invest in substandard dispensers that end up costing the consumer repair fees. It’s more of a “deceive and win “game. Therefore it is better to purchase a water dispenser at your own responsibility. Not only do you get a better idea of the product and performance, you also have peace of mind that you’ll get what you paid for.  Moreover, it is going to stay with you as long as you like. Branded products are less likely to be faulty or require frequent repairing.

Why Choose Orients Water Dispensers?

Orient Group being one of Pakistan’s most trusted names in consumer electronics combines class, reliability, affordability, convenience and innovation in its water dispenser series. Owing to their traditional hot and cold features, Orient water dispensers serve perfectly right to be installed in homes and workplaces alike. With amazingly awesome capabilities of chilling water up to 11 degrees and heating up to 90 degrees, powerful compressor, strong built, 1 year parts and 3 years compressor warranty, orient offers the best water dispensers in Pakistan.

To learn more about our water dispenser options, talk to our sales representatives now!

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