Guide to Refrigerator Sizes and Capacities

Thinking about buying a new refrigerator, but confused about where to start? We are coming to your rescue with this blog. For a long time, refrigerators have been thought of as behemoth-like appliances that offered limited choice when it came to types and sizes. While the types might still be easier to understand, how do you accurately gauge the size according to how you need to use the refrigerator? 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Refrigerator Size

There are a number of factors that can restrict the type and design of the refrigerator and are important to consider before you go on to make a choice!

1- Kitchen Layout

Some kitchens will restrict the size of the refrigerator you can get as there is pre-made space in the design. If you have one of those, the right thing to do before you buy refrigerator online is to measure the space so you know exactly what would work best!

2- What You Store

The next thing to really consider is what you usually store in the refrigerator. These can be bottled beverages, leftovers as well as frozen food. Their amount as well as frequency is what you should factor in before you come to a decision.

3- Lifestyle

Think of what you want out of your fridge. Would you like greater freezer space, smart features or high efficiency? Your preferences will help you narrow down the features you need when you buy refrigerator online.

4- Household Size

The more people in your household, the greater capacity is required. Match your refrigerator capacity with the number of people in your household to find a fridge that provides enough space for everyone and falls into the optimal refrigerator price in Pakistan.  

Measurement of Size

Before we get into the appropriate size of refrigerator you should look into, it’s important to understand that refrigerators are measured in two ways: external size and internal size.

  External Size or Dimensions

The outer size of the refrigerator or the overall size is referred to as dimensions. Most refrigerator units range from 23 to 36 inches in width, 65 to 69 inches in height and 24 to 33 inches in depth. To find your desired dimensions, we suggest taking measurements of the space you’re looking to fit your refrigerator in. Knowing the dimensions can be very helpful in making the final choice.

Internal Size or Capacity

    The refrigerator capacity is basically the volume of the inside portion of the refrigerator and shows exactly how much food can be stored in the unit. It is often expressed in two terms; gross capacity and net capacity.

    • Gross capacity is the total capacity of the refrigerator and would also refer to as the total volume of the refrigerator including that of the exterior walls as well. This is not the right measurement of the space so don’t get confused!
    • The net capacity of the refrigerator is the actual capacity. It is the actual space that would be able to store food in the refrigerator and can also be called the storage volume. This is what you would need to know to accurately estimate the right refrigerator size for your needs.

    The capacity can be measured in both liters as well as cubic centimeters.

    How Big of a Refrigerator Do I Really Need?

    If you thought the answer to this might be, ‘the bigger the better’, you would not be right!

    The size of the refrigerator that you need depends on the size of your family, the number of members or even your usage habits. You might be someone who never really shops in bulk or you could also be living near the river and store freshly-caught fish that would need to be stored for use later on throughout the season!

    Refrigerator Size Based on Family Size

    Family Size

    Suggested Capacity

    1 person

    50-80 liters

    2 to 3 members

    150-250 liters

    4 to 5 members

    250-350 liters

    6 or more members

    350-490 liters

    These capacities are all generic and can go high or low based on your personal demands and the habits. These capacities can also be equated to different models, like single door refrigerators and double door ones, if available. 

    Orient’s Crystal Series comes in variable sizes and can go as big as 540 liters! Depending on the above-mentioned factors, you can easily make your choice. With a Japanese compressor and low-voltage startup, the appliance is the latest in the market with up to 10 years of warranty!


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