When should you upgrade your HDTV?

Every month, new models of LED’s are released in the market. As with technology, the changes and the upgrades in the TV industry are rapid. However, you cannot always follow the latest technology and trends. It is difficult to go through the hassle of purchasing and changing your old LED TV.

Through this write-up, we hope to inform you when the hassle and the expenditure of a new LED TV is worth it all! For this reason, we are going to look at all the features and just how better the current models of Orient LED TV’s are.

orient led tv


Things to Consider

  • Picture Quality

led display


Just how much better the new models are depending on how long you have had your current TV. If you just purchased your LED TV in the past five years, the new models may not look like they are exceptionally advanced or better than your current television. However, if you’ve had your television for longer than that, the latest LED TV’s will appear worlds apart from what you possess.

To simplify the process, you can check the difference in contrast ratios of your LED TV and the latest Orient LED TV that you wish to buy. It is not wise to depend on what is advertised regarding the new LED TV. Most of the time, the figures are extrapolated and overdone. Your best bet is to compare both the sets side by side or look out for detailed reviews and what they state regarding the resolution of LED TVs.

  • Advanced Features

      advance features of led

      The latest trends in LED TVs are smart LED’s that have built-in option for internet streaming. It allows users to directly stream sites like YouTube and Netflix on their LED's. Some even come with browsers so you can check your emails and surf the web through your TV. While you can check your email or use your browser on your smart phone while watching TV, the option of being able to do both from your TV set is still pretty cool.

      • Size of the LED

      best size of led tv

      In the past few years, we have seen the trend of dramatically increasing sizes in LED s as well as an increase in prices. The price of a 40-inch LED TV in Pakistan has been increasing especially when it comes to smart LED TVs. If you are tired of that small 32-inch LED TV and want to advance to a 40-inch LED TV, the choice is yours. An enormous LED TV is awesome but if you do not find it low-cost, you can also just get a projector and enjoy the same benefits but at a lower resolution.

      Bottom Line

      We have summarized just a few of the features and options that you need to assess as you figure out if it is time to change or upgrade your LED TV. If you are looking to get something bigger, shinier or more advanced, then we suggest that you just go for it. However, if your current LED TV offers all the same features that you are finding in most of the LED TVs in the market, then you should just stick with what you have and wait for something new to hit the market.

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