Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being explored and researched; the time is not far when these both will become the most essential part of every new technology. Talking about the technology advancement, the world of IoT is gift to the technology as it has evolved the world of technology whether domestic or commercial, IoT is making everything accessible. The biggest example is the IoT technology being used in our home appliances, we are controlling our entire home appliances with the help of a smartphone app. These all appliances are made easier and secure by this app which is powered by IoT.

Have you ever thought what is the software which makes this IoT technology secure? Well the regulations which are followed till date involve the software, transforming IoT into a secure platform. Soon as the technology is getting more hype it will no longer be as exclusive rather common and commercial. Time to time this technology is setting its mark in the daily life of consumer’s world. There was a time IoT was used only in the gaming consoles, computers or smartphones but now our whole is synchronizing with the IoT development. In this scenario there has to be another permanent process to secure the IoT technology rather than any software AI and ML could serve as a much more secure and strong modes of protection for IoT specially when it comes to the home appliances.

ML is referred as the machine learning which means that this feature in the home appliances will make sure that all the parts and the updates of appliance being used with IoT. ML will be one of the most secure functioning methods to make sure that machine and software both are secure. AI on the other hands can handle the incoming updates and over the air changes. Hence, it could be concluded that artificial intelligence along with the extraordinary efficiency of ML will be one of the most researched and adapted ways of securing IoT in 2020.

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