Orient Group, a reputable name in Pakistan’s consumer electronics industry, has finally stepped into the laundry game with its innovative washing machines that guarantee making washing activities less of a chore.  The new range of washing machines incorporate revolutionary technology which dramatically reduces the time taken to handle a load of laundry enabling a more convenient washing experience.

The new product lineup was devised in Pakistan as a result of research done by Orient’s R&D and Design Teams with the aim of making the washing process of local consumers simpler. Designed for the challenging requirements of Pakistani consumers, the latest washing machine range is engineered to deliver convenience in cloth washing thus simplifying the wash cycle & achieving brilliance in saving time, money and energy. 

Orient’s new top load washing machine range lets one wash with less worry regarding residual detergent. It is specially crafted to create a powerful water vortex that dissolves both liquid and powder detergent thus preventing the detergent from becoming lumpy for evenly spreading to achieve optimum washing results via proper detergent penetration into the fabrics. Due to this revolutionary cleaning mechanism, Orient washing machines outwit other traditional laundry technologies.

Owing to their innovative technology and well scrutinized washing capabilities, Orient washing machines cut washing time in half and utilize 20 percent less energy without compromising on cleaning performance. Unlike conventional washing machines in Pakistan, Orient incorporates a unique hardware setting that is composed of a large main drum with a plate in the back that revolves individualistically, so clothes move in all directions creating a revolutionary dynamic action powered by dual forces that enable easy mixing of air, water & detergent to effortlessly penetrate fabrics faster and maximize the detergent’s effects even at highly low temperatures. Owed to this state of the art washing mechanism, dirt & smudges get eradicated quickly, gently and thoroughly keeping fabric care at top priority.

Commenting on the launch, Director Marketing & Sales, Mian Abdul Rehman Talat said:-

“Orient has always been at the forefront of innovation and aims to develop products that cater the evolving needs of consumers. With our new washing machine range, we aim at making laundry chores more flexible & convenient. This new addition to our product portfolio focuses mainly on providing washing solutions that are not only stylish, time and energy saving but also make people’s lives simple, easy and convenient. Orient washing machines will improve our consumers day-to-day lives by cutting the amount of time spent doing laundry, so they can spend more time doing the things they enjoy. As an innovation-led & caring brand, we always strive to give our customers the most convenient way of doing things. The launch of this innovation in laundry will enable us to consolidate our leadership in the washing machine segment”

Here’s an Overview of the Washing Machine Models Launched by Orient

Auto Series

Orient washing machine price in Pakistan

Orient washing machine price in Pakistan

The auto series currently has only one model by the name of Orient Auto 8 Kg Super Grey Washing Machine.

Key features of the Auto 8 Kg variant are the following:-

Extra Rinse

The extra rinse feature is mainly used for undergarments & other fabrics with detergent residue limitation. When turned on, this feature will add another round of the rinse process.

Tub Clean

The self-clean cycle specifically caters tub cleaning of the machine. This feature sterilizes the tub by automatically by heating it at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius. You cannot wash while the machine runs this cycle. The cleaning effect will be enhanced if you add an adequate amount of bleach to it.

LED Display

All controls for processes will be regulated via a user-friendly LED display.

Child Lock

Ensures safety for children for accidental spills & hazards.

Delay Start

Regulates the start time of the washing machine. Users can set the delay start time from 1 hour to 24 hours. After the time you set runs out, the machine will start to operate on default programming.  

Power-off Memory

Its intelligent programming memorizes the recurrent operation program to ensure fast & convenient washes.  

Transparent Lid

The transparent door lets the users check on the laundry's status.


The machine's basic logic will identify when the laundry is out of balance and will rearrange it to ensure minimum damage to the tub’s apparatus.

Auto Balance

Automatically detects when the laundry is out of balance for according rearrangement for ensuring optimum cleaning results.

Spin Air Dry

With a unique cover design, water can be easily discharged from fabric by the inner wind circle, effectively improving the drying effect.

Twin Series

washing machine online price in Pakistan

orient washing machine price online in Pakistan

The twin series currently offers three variants in different capacities.

Program Selection


Offers various preset programming options for different types of washing procedures.


Transparent Lid


The twin series comes with a transparent door design for convenience in terms of checking the laundry's status.


Rust Proof Body


Owing to its high quality plastic cabinet, the machine is able to resist rust & corrosion thus having a longer useable life-span.


Magic Cleaning Filter


This function helps prevent detergent buildup in the drum or tub to avoid sticking on the fabrics. The washing machine collects the residue in the filter, which can be easily removed afterwards.


Spin Air Dry


Owing to a unique cover design, water can be effortlessly discharged from the fabric by the inner wind circle thus efficiently improving the drying effect.

Equipped with a range of core Orient laundry technologies and features, the brand’s washing machines are designed to offer ultimate freedom and flexibility in terms of revolutionizing laundry routines, while providing a high level of care for fabrics to make them last longer.

Orient Group's latest offering is a perfect amalgam of advanced technology, utility and aesthetics that completely transforms the consumers washing experience. Aiming at a pole position in Pakistan’s washing machine segment, Orient’s latest washing machine range is up for sale across the country and can be accessed online at their official store.

For the latest news & updates, please visit Orient’s newsroom at https://orient.com.pk/blogs/updates.


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