In recent times came up with some rather attractive sales and discounts, this time isn’t different from the rest. Orient Group being one of the leading home appliances manufacturers in Pakistan always has something special to offer to its online customers.

The Pre Winter Sale starting from today includes hefty rebates on all of Orient’s top products featuring Air Conditioners, LED TVs, Refrigerators, Water Dispensers and Microwave Ovens.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Pre-Winter promotion is the biggest discount offer in the history of e-commerce stores as the prices are reduced up to 50 %.

Here’s a glimpse of what Orient Group has to offer this time.

The Iconic DC Inverter Smart AC at a flat 25% Discount

Pre winter sale

Orient’s DC Inverter ACs save you up to 60 % on electricity bills. Not only are the ACs energy efficient but also offer powerful air conditioning all year long owing to their heating & cooling capabilities. With large indoor units, classy designs, low voltage startup, eco-friendly operations, 50 feet air throw, Japanese made digital high-efficiency chip and up to mark performance,  Orient smart DC inverter ACs are a must have for businesses  & homes alike.

Here’s how much you’ll be saving this fall.

Product Code Regular Price Pre-Winter Sale Price
ULTRON DC INVERTER FLOOR 2 Ton 152,399 129,999
BOLD 18 ULTRA WHITE 2.2.5 66,299 56,999
OS- 13K8 PSB IN-HC-SME 59,299 44,999
ULTRON PLUS 18 69,799 59,999


Picture Perfect LED TVs at an Amazing 50% Off


Orient LED TVs are one of the best sellers in the Pakistani electronics market as they are perfectly tailored to deliver excellence in entertainment.  With stunning designs, vivid displays, smart capabilities and superior sound quality, they make you doubt reality. Orient LEDs are the best example of electronics craftsmanship.

Following are the discounted prices of some our best-selling LED models.

Product Code Regular Price Pre-Winter Sale Price
Leopard 32″ 24,499 20,499
Puma 40″ 34,999 31,999
60″ LED TV (Android) 93,999 74,999
UHD 55SM8000 (Opera) 134,000 64,999
UHD-55M8010 (Android) 134,000 63,999
UHD-65M7000 199,000 100,999


Reliable Refrigerators at a Staggering 25 % off

Orient Banner

Orient refrigerators are aimed to provide optimum performance under all kinds of temperature situations and power fluctuations. With European grade compressor technology, industry leading components, energy efficiency, environment friendly operations,  larger cabinets for greater storage, creative designs, UV-Light protection and antibacterial gaskets, Orient fridges are built to provide a lasting freshness to your eatables whilst complementing your kitchen, ensuring  keep a healthy and happy lifestyle. Featuring a mind boggling 3 years compressor warranty and 1 year warranty for parts, Orient refrigerators are the perfect for modern kitchens.

Discounted prices at a Glance

Product Code Regular Price Pre-Winter Sale Price
OR-5535 IP LV 38,400 29,999
OR-68750 IP 52,700 40,499
OR-5554 PT LV 42,800 33,999
OR-5554 GL LV   (FF / GF) 44,200 36,999
OR-6057 GD LV 51,500 40,999
OR-5544 GL FFRD LV 43,800 35,999
OR -68750 ZB LGFD 61,900 49,499
OR-6047 GX LV 51,000 34,499
Edge 90 26,000 23,999
Edge130 32,000 29,999
OR -68635 ZB 60,600 47,499


Powerful Microwaves at a Super Discount of Up to 14%


Orient microwave ovens feature a variety of traditional and grill base units with a detachable load tray. They also incorporate additional convenient features such as child lock, digital displays, cycle alerts and much more to ease stressful cooking. To help consumers accomplish their cooking tasks, Orient Group has developed a range of versatile microwave ovens to cater all budget segments.

We know you love saving money on your favorite appliances, Enjoy!

Product Code Regular Price Pre-Winter Sale Price
OM-23P70H 8,499 6,499
ONION 20M SOLO BLACK 9,499 7,499
OLIVE 20M SOLO WHITE 9,399 7,399
OLIVE 20M SOLO BLACK 9,399 7,399
OMG-20P-D1 9,399 5,999
MINT 20M SOLO BLACK 9,399 7,399
CARROT 23D GRILL BLACK 12,699 10,699
GARLIC 23D SOLO BLACK 11,999 9,999
TOMATO 38D GRILL BLACK 17,999 15,999


Thirst Quenching Water Dispensers at a Massive 20% Off

Water Dispenser

If there’s something we are unbeatable at, that’s the water dispenser category.  Orient water dispensers are built for high volume usage. Combined with traditional hot/cold features, indestructible body, forceful compressor and a high performance refrigerator compartment, they serve perfect for offices, schools, hospitals and homes.  When it comes to innovation, style and reliability, nothing comes even close to Orient water dispensers. With 1 year parts and a 3 year compressor warranty, you’re always sure that your investment is safe.

Other brands would need to invent the “fountain of youth” to beat this deal!

Product Code Regular Price Pre-Winter Sale Price
OWD-529 15,299 11,999
OWD-531  (Three Tap) 15,799 12,699
OWD-533 (Three Tap) 15,999 12,999


Don’t believe me? See for yourself at

So grab your laptops and smartphones and place your orders right away.

Hurry Up, the stock is limited!

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