Do Microwave Ovens Cause Cancer?

Microwave Ovens have simplified and facilitated life for everyone. Heating food and enjoying it as if it is as fresh as when you first cooked it, has become a norm, thanks to the microwave ovens.

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But, as with everything, there are as many rumors, naysayers, and problems associated with the use of microwave ovens as with everything else. The most major one is that the usage of microwave ovens can possibly cause cancer. While this is passed on as advice most often than not, there has been very limited authentic research that any one of us has done about the matter. This is the very reason why we have decided to update you about the truth along with what research really says about it.

What are Microwaves?

Microwaves are high-frequency radio waves that are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are primarily used for telecommunications, processing industry, medicines, and cooking food. The microwaves are reflected, transmitted, and absorbed by materials they come into contact with, the same way as light. The energy is then transmitted into the particles of the materials, making them vibrate. This vibratory motion produces energy.

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How do Microwave Ovens Work?

When it comes to materials, water is one that readily absorbs microwave energy and converts it into heat. In microwave ovens, the electricity is converted into microwaves. These waves stimulate water particles in the food. The water particles in the food absorb this energy and start to vibrate. This vibratory motion can then convert the energy into heat the same way as we generate heat when we rub our palms together.

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Are Microwave Ovens Safe?

The primary reason that people are skeptical about the beneficial effects of microwave ovens is because of the negative connotations associated with electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic waves in microwave ovens are not at all similar to the ones in atomic bombs and the likes.

The microwaves produced by the microwave ovens are very well contained due to the metal shields and the metal screen over the microwave oven window. These shields and screens make sure that none of the microwave energy manages to leave the confines of the oven, keeping everything safe for the user.

Though, it is still suggested that you do not press your face to the window or stand too close to the microwave oven when the food is being heated inside. The energy of radiation decreases rapidly with distance.

When it comes to the effect of the microwaves on the nutritional value of the food, the impact is lower than boiling. Boiling heats food for a longer amount of time while in microwaves, the heating period is short and concentrated. Fewer nutrients are lost and there is no impact on the value of the food!

Keeping the function and the features of the microwaves in mind, we can be sure when we say that microwaves do not degrade or lessen the nutritional value of the food and aren’t any more harmful to your health than normal heating is.



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