Mevris- BlueEast’s universal IoT platform for the automation of appliances now offers an exciting new ambient room temperature feature. This new addition to Mevris will enable Orient eComfort air conditioner users to witness live temperature fluctuation occurring in their space allowing them to visually see how the appliance sustains thermal comfort. The feature was firstly enabled on testing basis for about two weeks and after successful experimentation, is now available for all Orient Ultron AC customers using Mevris.

Monitor Your Temperature & Environment with Mevris

The newly launched ambient room temperature feature allows Mevris to display temperature changes simultaneously. The feature will provide the user complete transparency by providing them complete access to view temperature fluctuation & how Orient air conditioners perform to upkeep the preferred temperature.

Other features also include data logging capabilities allowing it to record readings on time to time basis. Moreover, the accuracy of the provided readings is ensured by the deployment of an accredited calibration algorithm in Mevris.

                                 Ambient Temperature Feature- Mevris               Ambient Temperature Feature -Mevris 

Commenting on the new ambient room temperature feature, Director Sales & Marketing, Mian Abdul Rehman Talat said:-

“The latest ambient temperature feature in Mevris brilliantly addresses the concern of users willing to know whether or not their air conditioner is performing as committed by the manufacturer.  Being pioneers of this new innovation, we feel proud that we’re delivering the best & are meeting their performance expectations. Enabling people to enjoy comfort in a temperature controlled environment & providing transparency in terms of the performance evaluation of our product, the development of ambient temperature sensor was imperative. One of Mevris’s prime goals for implementing AI is for it to be able to mimic human intelligence thus providing them tips on how their appliance’s operations can be optimized to suite one’s comfort. ”

Connecting all missing links of AI algorithms, the IoT platform proves to be a life-saver in the digital ecosystem especially when considering operations of everyday appliances. Mevris’s new ambient room temperature feature has definitely broadened the horizons of the application by enabling it to provide automated energy saving tips & cooling performance measurement in the future.


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