How would you like to come home to a warm, toasty room smack in the middle of a freezing winter night?

Or to a chilled room in the middle of a sweltering hot summer evening?

All this is possible with Orient’s range of all-new smart ACs that make your homes better so that you live better. Orient’s latest range of ACs aren’t just smart – they’re dynamic; and that’s because they don’t just cut down on your electricity bills but they tell you exactly how they’re doing so.

Intelligent AC Management with MEVRIS

Connect any of our Ultron ACs to the MEVRIS app and you can easily control your AC anywhere from your mobile phone. Here’s what you can do:

Online Control

Prefer coming home to an already cool room? You can simply command your AC to turn itself on from your phone on your way back and you’ll be welcomed in a room with just the right temperature.

Conversely, if you’ve forgotten to turn off your AC while leaving your house, you simply need to send out your command from your phone and our Smart ACs will turn itself off.

Schedule Management

If you’d rather not give out commands every day, just design a schedule weeks in advance and save it in your MEVRIS app. Your AC will automatically turn on and off in accordance with your preferences.

Real-time and Historical Data

We at Orient design our products keeping the modern customer in mind. Since we know our users love data, we give you access to electricity consumption details via understandable charts and graphs.

Make Your Ordinary AC Smart

Love the features but don’t want to change your air conditioner? Worry not! With Orient’s new smart wifi kit, you can transform your AC to support smart functionality.

The smart wifi kit works with ACs from most major air conditioner manufacturers. You simply install the physical kit and connect the AC with the Mevris application and it’ll work just as well. Get the smart wifi kit for air conditioners at an affordable rate from the Orient e-commerce store.

The Ultron Smart Series

Here’s what you get with our brilliant new range:


With a timeless design, combined with a personalized air conditioning experience, the classic series come with superior Japanese-created PCB that gives you cooling like never before. 


With a 50-feet air throw, a double layer condenser and a low voltage operating system, the Bold series offers you air conditioning efficiency you won’t find anywhere else.


Super’s glossy mirror finish and anti-rust fin make it one of our best-looking air conditioners. It comes with a built-in energy meter and an already installed Wi-Fi Kit to make internet accessibility quicker and easier.


The Plus range is manufactured – like all other Orient products – keeping consumer comfort in mind. Therefore, along with the signature Orient features, it includes noise reduction technology to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Get your hands on the latest range of eComfort Orient air conditioners with free delivery and installation (limited time offer)

Buy your Smart AC today!

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