Types of Refrigerators & their Uses

The majority of us love snacks throughout the day or even taking our time to decide upon what we want to eat. This, in turn, causes us to open the fridge doors and look at all our options while we decide. You may have heard that kitchen appliances account for 30% of our electricity bills but the majority of that 30% is made up of the refrigerator.

The whole time that you keep the refrigerator open adds up heavily on your electricity bill. Now add up all the times that the fridge is opened throughout the day or left open by mistake, especially if you have kids. The high electricity bills are where the inverter refrigerators come in.

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How do Inverter Refrigerators work?

Before you can really compare the function and usability of both a traditional and an inverter refrigerator, you need to know how the inverter refrigerators work and save electricity.

They are called ‘inverter’ refrigerator because the compressor fitted within the body is an ‘inverter’. The advantage of such a compressor is that it can work at various speeds, depending on the need of the refrigerator.

A DC inverter refrigerator has the power to adapt itself according to the usage habits of the consumer. For example, if you keep the door open while stocking the fridge, the compressor will pick up speed and work harder to increase the cooling in the compartments.

On the other hand, if no outside factor affects the working, the inverter compressor will work slowly and use the right amount of energy to maintain the optimum temperature in the refrigerator. This function is where energy saving comes into play and you may be able to save almost 20 to 30% on your electricity bill.


Advantages of an Inverter Refrigerator over a Non-Inverter

  • Not turning on and off all the time, DC inverter refrigerators maintain the right temperature in the refrigerator without using a lot of energy.

  • An inverter is adaptable and can be used in a way that suits your needs in the best possible way. It can work faster and slow according to your desire and can also help maintain the right thermostat to keep your food in the best condition possible.

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  • They are a lot less noisy than their counterparts. Inverter compressors don’t need to start working all over again as the cooling dissipated in the inside, like a traditional refrigerator. They work constantly and just manage their speed according to the requirements. This makes sure that no extra noise is produced during its work. They are capable of doing their work in the most silent way possible.

  • Inverter refrigerators save a lot more energy as compared to traditional refrigerators. The traditional refrigerators are aggressive when it comes to utilizing electrical energy and require a lot of it especially every time the compressor starts working again. This is not the case with inverters which saves a huge amount of energy!

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    These are all the ways an inverter refrigerator is better than a traditional one. If you are planning to buy a refrigerator online in Pakistan, Orient Inverter Refrigerators have got you covered!

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