Everything to Know About Your Inverter Air Conditioner

We are very lucky that we have an appliance like an air conditioner that helps us get through the scorching hot summer days without melting into a puddle. Can you even imagine how we would have fared if we had to sit through long meetings, sleep in and just spend all day sweating and panting due to the sweltering heat?  

Well, we tried to and had nightmares for days. A single invention or appliance stands in between that dream becoming a reality and we’re very glad that it exists. If you have the best inverter AC in Pakistan, Orient Air Conditioner, you might just have gone from convenience to modernization. But there are some interesting and fun facts that you might not have known about air conditioners. Today we’ll go through a few of them.

Did You Know

Some Fun Facts About Air Conditioners

1-  We measure the working of an air conditioner in Btu’s, Amperes, and the efficiency in SEER ratings, but there was a time when the output settings were measured in ‘Ice Power’! Wondering what that is? The ‘Ice Power’ was the number of blocks of ice that it would take to produce the same amount of cooling.

Copper  Coil For AC

2- The basic motivation for the production of the air conditioner was not room cooling. The inventor, Willis Carrier was trying to find a way to keep the paper dry and maintain the humidity level in the mill.

3- In comparison with America’s where 88 percent of every new house had an air conditioner, in Canada only about 55 percent installed air conditioner. We think the natural coldness might just be the reason.

4- You might not know this but air conditioners do more than just cool air. They also take the humidity out of the environment and make the air more comfortable for you.

5- In today’s age, you cannot even imagine a car without air conditioning, but do you know when the first air conditioner was added to a car? In 1939 by the automobile manufacturer Packard. At that time, it wasn’t very popular because the cost was very high and the system took up a lot of space making the vehicle heavier and bigger.

First Car With AC

6- You might find this shocking but research has shown that the advent of air conditioners has been saving lives! The death rate has decreased from 80 to 50 percent over the last 50 years and the research team has related this to the introduction of air conditioners.

7- Where were the first air conditioners installed? Movie theatres were one of the first places where the air conditioners were installed. This action prompted the use of the phrase ‘summer blockbusters’ to increase the traffic of people during the summer season.

Did you find these facts interesting? We sure did. If there are some others that you have heard of or found out about, do let us know! We are sure you will be thinking about these the next time you buy air conditioner online.



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