The industrial revolution has radically changed the way humans interact with their homes. A tidal wave of smart home products is flooding the market owing to some of the fantastically convenient uses smart home technologies offer. Take, for example, turning on your AC before you even step into your home.

Smart air conditioners represent the century’s worth of research in the domain of thermodynamics. As nature automatically creates solutions to develop harmony between people and nature likewise technology is harmonizing with mankind to improve residential energy management and control.

This post will definitely transform your everyday living.

How Can Any Air Conditioner be Made Smart?

In order to make any air conditioners smart, you’ll be needing two things.

1) Orient’s Smart Wi-Fi kit

2) Mevris Platform

Wouldn’t This Be Expensive?

Not at all, people owning Orient’s smart DC Inverter AC can use the IoT enabled Mevris platform absolutely free. All you have to do it simply create an account, add in your home’s air conditioners and you’re all good to go.

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You Can Access this Smart Solution through the Given Links.

Mevris-Google Play Store

Mevris- Web Application

What if you don’t have Orient’s Air Conditioner?

If you own an air conditioner from a brand other than Orient, we have a simple & cost effective solution to make it smart and that is the super innovative Orient smart Wi-Fi kit. The smart Wi-Fi kit is compatible with products from all major AC manufacturers such as Midea, AUX, TCL, Haier, Gree, Chigo and Hisense etc. The physical kit can be installed in the air conditioner and operated via the Mevris application. The smart Wi-Fi kit is available at Orient’s e-commerce store at a very nominal price. Orient always strives to maximize your comfort.

Is There an Alternative Solution to This?

There’s always a Plan B. For those who don’t want to stick to their old air conditioners and are looking for something innovative can simply log on to to purchase their brand new eComfort technology based DC inverter Smart AC.

The best thing about making a purchase during this period of time is that Orient is offering a staggering discount of up to 50 % in regards to their pre-winter sale. So, not only will you be saving on the physical appliance but would also be saving both energy & money in the long run due to the AC’s energy efficient operations. On top of this, you will also be part of the global green agenda owing to the DC inverter AC’s eco-friendly capabilities.

Why Would You Wanna Buy an Air Conditioner in Winters?

Because it’s not just another air conditioner, Orient DC inverter ACs offer a dual function mode that cools in the summers and heats in the winters. This outstanding feature will save you thousands on heavy heater bills in wintertime if fortunately, you don’t face gas shortage.

Why is the Solution Effective?

Due to the joint efforts and years of research & development of Orient & BlueEast, the availability of intelligent air conditioners has finally become a reality.

The solution is highly effective as it offers a number of innovative features one can ever think of. It provides the user complete control over the operations of their home appliances thus ensuring convenience and optimization at the fingertips. Mevris allows an easy route for users to analyze, control and monitor their home appliances in a hassle-free manner.

Mevris Features at a Glance.

Energy savings

Smart operations ensure up to 60% saving on AC’s energy costs.


Allows the user to track a complete activity report of the air conditioner.

Text & Speech Control

Mervis offers ultimate interactivity employing Chatbots & personal assistants to control and analyze the appliance. It easily integrates with Skype, Slack, Amazon Alexa, WeChat and Facebook messenger.


Mevris provides a systematic computational analysis of data and statistics such as energy saved, electricity consumed and power supplied in daily, fortnightly and monthly report format.

Meter Reading

Mevris provides accurate data of the air conditioner’s voltage, watts, amperes and electricity units consumed.

Error Notifications

Mevris is also a complete diagnostic system that detects both fatal & minor errors occurred in an appliance.

Multiple Zone/Device Support

Let’s users control multiple appliances in different areas from one app.

Machine Learning Enabled

It automatically adjusts itself by learning how the user likes the temperature and other settings. Mevris smartly performs a trend analysis to determine the usage pattern of consumers to extract important information such as temperature setting and mode selection during different time frames of the day, thus reducing manual effort and completely automating the air conditioning process.

So Are You Ready to Regulate Your AC From Your Phone?

If yes, then switch to Mevris & eComfort for a smarter lifestyle.

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