Omar Aqil A.K.A “The Modern Day Picasso” is commendably known for his artistic crafts around the globe. With over 8 years in the industry as a CGI artist, Omar has made his place amongst the stars in a very short period of time. Skilled in typography design, illustration and graphic design, Omar’s most renowned works include the 3D modeling of Picasso’s iconic 6 painting namely Monument of Spaniard, Visage 1928, Black Figure 1948, Seated Women 1930, Buste de femme dans un fauteuil 1949 and Composition 1946.

Considering Omar’s visual manipulation expertise, Orient Group of Companies has also enjoyed his services for the making of their 2017 & 18 calendar and on many other projects that required his artistic touch. The Pakistani designer while creating art for Orient has expressed complex thought process into meaningful imagery that directly stimulates people’s thinking and how they perceive things. Omar’s work is definitely beyond imagination and the way he puts life in his crafts is simply amazing.

Here's a glimpse of Omar's work.

Orient's Calendar 2018

Orient Calendar 2018

Orient Calendar 2018

His services at Orient Group of Companies are highly appreciated as the young artist has what it takes to translate symbols into visual masterpieces that not only create experiences but also communicate in a way that proves to be interactive for the viewer.

Today we have the Visual Maestro himself on our blog for an exclusive interview. Hope you find our conversation interesting. 

Sharoon Emmanuel: - We’re excited to have you on our blog Omar, tell our audience a bit about how you learned the craft?

Omar Aqil: - In these modern days of the internet, you have enough space to educate yourself. Internet is the key to explore your ideas and concepts and helps you to learn from other’s experiences. So, I am one of that kind.

SE: - Who inspired you to be what you are today?

OA: - A lot of people inspired me to achieve my dreams, but my father is the person whose work has always inspired me and gave another eye to think about.

SE: - Generally, the beginning stage of every artist is quite tough, how was yours? 

OA: - Every artist has faced difficulties in their early stages, but in my case, I have fought with myself to control my anger against criticism. 

SE:-Are there any particular techniques that you follow? Or you like to experiment with different stuff?

OA: - In 3D specific, I love to create new ways and do more experiments to find new techniques. 

SE: - How do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the artists?

OA: - I don’t know exactly, but I am not keen to compete anyone. My only aim is moving towards perfection.

SE: - What are your artistic ambitions?

OA: - To achieve maximum perfection in my concept execution.  

SE: - Who are your favorite traditional and digital artists?

OA: - I like plenty of artist’s work, but Pablo Picasso is my favorite, I follow him and get inspirations from his work.

SE: - What part of the digital art process do you like the most?

OA: - When you start finding the way of using modern techniques in your specific medium and achieve what actually you thought about.

SE:-What was the most interesting project you’ve worked on?

OA:-The MIMIC project is my most favorite, in this project I have randomly picked paintings of Picasso’s artwork and converted them into modern 3D visuals. It proposes to give a new implication of Picasso’s artworks with a series of hyper-realistic visuals and yet this project got huge appreciation from all over the world.

SE: - What is “success” for you?

OA: - For me, ‘SUCCESS’ is something when you find the way to perfection, differentiate your skills from others and consistently exploring the odd ways of creating new things.

SE: - Tell us about the thought process that goes into making visuals for Orient’s & BlueEast’s projects? What do you consider the most while crafting art for OGC?

OA: - Undoubtedly, they give more attention to the aesthetics of the design collateral which helps me to create extra detailed visuals. My work is always admired & my efforts are always appreciated. Team Orient and BlueEast have given me full freedom to do their challenging tasks, they support me in every possible matter, in the end, we together, produce great results.

SE:-Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today Omar

OA: - Thank You, I really feel honored.

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