The Best Orient LED TV's

With everything changing on the technological front, the television industry has evolved and changed as well. The viewer is smarter, and demands more. With the changes in expectations, the LED’s are now smarter, revolutionized and a lot better than the cathode ray boxes their predecessors used to be.


The past few years have been amazing for LED TV’s and we have had some great new launches. However, the question remains. Which Orient LED TV is the best one for you?

This question can only be answered by trying all the options that are available but since, you as a consumer, cannot try every option available, we decided to make the choice easy for you. Now, all you have to do is read on and find out which LED Tv and its features suit you the best, according to your needs.

  • The Fighter Bird Series

The Fighter Bird Series include both the Orient 32 Inch LED TV's and 40-inch LED TV’s in Hawk, Macaw, Eagle and Falcon. The HD and FHD resolution, Dolby Theatrical Sound experience and multiple connectivity options make up the Fighter Bird series.

Key Features for the Fighter Bird Series

  • Black

  • Display Size; 40"/32”

  • HD Technology & Resolution

  • FHD,1920x1080

  • 1-year warranty

Some of the other smart features of the Eagle and Falcon Series include built-in games, ready sound bar, screenshot mode and music mode as well.

  • Fantasy Series

The entertainment series consist of the Fantasy LED TV’s. These are smart LED’s with equipped with Android 8.0 operating system which is update-able. The UHD Resolution comes with high dynamic range and multiple connectivity options like DTV, USB and HDMI ports. With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the LED’s also come ready with apps like Google Play, Youtube and works well with Google Assistant. The sound system is the built-in and powered by BOSE speakers.

Key Features for the Fantasy Series

  • Android 8.0 (Updateable)

  • Quad-core CPU

  • 5 GB RAM

  • 16 GB Memory

  • Display Size 50”/55”

  • Chromecast Built-in

  • Wireless Connectivity

  • UHD Resolution


  • Thriller Series

    The thriller series is another extension of the smart TV’s and comes equipped with all the features of the entertainment series. The only difference comes in the RAM and the memory. With UHD resolution, Google apps, Android 8.0 operating system, wireless connectivity, BOSE speakers and Gaming extensions, the thriller series are a full experience for the user.

    Key Features for the Thriller Series

    • Android 8.0 (Updateable)

    • Quad-core CPU

    • 25 GB RAM

    • 8 GB Memory

    • Display Size: 43”/49”

    • Chromecast Built-in

    • Wireless Connectivity

    • UHD Resolution

    All these variations in size, features and type are available in the Orient LED TV’s. With the variations come the different functions that you can use to pick and choose which LED TV best suits your needs. For more information, please do check

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