So, you’ve recently bought a brand new smart air conditioner from Orient and are now wondering how to get started. In today’s post, we’ll be acquainting you with all the knowledge you’ll ever need to enjoy eComfort technology at its full capacity.

Read through this step-by-step guide to get going.

Step 1:-

First-time users will have to create an account on while current users would simply need to place their credentials to proceed. (Note: For seamless operations, we recommend using Mevris’s web application on Google Chrome)

    Mevris ecomfort Orient

    Step 2:- 

    After you’ve successfully logged in, a screen similar to the below-attached image will appear.

    mevris orient ecomfort

    Step 3:-

    In the next step, you will need to create a site. A site can also be termed as the location where the air conditioner is installed, it can be your living room for example.

      Mevris Orient eComfort

      Step 4:- 

      For site creation, you’ll be required to assign it a name & type. Let’s suppose the air conditioner you are willing to control is the one installed in your bedroom on the ground floor, so you may name the site or location as “Ground Floor Bedroom” & click “Save”.

      mevris Orient ecomfort

      Step 5:- 

      Once the site is created, you’ll be able to view it on “My Sites”.

      mevris Orient ecomfort

      Step 6:- 

      Now you would be required to assign your device (air conditioner)the created site, simply click the “plus “sign and you’ll be redirected to a new menu.

      Mevris Orient ecomfort

      Step 7:-

      In this step, you would be connecting your appliance by choosing its type.

      mevris Orient BlueEast

      Step 8:- 

      After clicking the selected device, you’ll be redirected to a new page by clicking “NEXT” to proceed on the new window.

      Mevris Orient eComfort

      Step 9:- 

      Click on “NEXT” button that popped up on the new window.

      Mevris Orient eComfort

      Step 10:- 

      Before proceeding further, establish system to kit connection by scanning Wi-Fi hotspot of the AC’s Wi-Fi kit on your personal device (PC/Mobile) and click on “SCAN” button.

      Orient Mevris ecomfort

      Step 11:- 

      Establish system to kit connection by finding the device’s SSID on your system. Click “NEXT” after placing the password on the empty field. Now click “SCAN” to find all available local internet connections. (Note: Make sure to connect to the right SSID, the hotspot name/SSID & the password key can be found on the appliance’s box & leaflet).

      Mevris Orient Ecomfort

      Step 12:- 

      After clicking “Scan”, Mevris will search for all available Wi-Fi connections to let you connect the air conditioner to the internet.

      Mevris Orient Ecomfort

      Step 13:- 

      Now select your local internet connection, enter your Wi-Fi’s password & then click “OK”.

      Mevris Orient Ecomfort

      Step 14:-

      Now, connect your system back to the local internet & click “Next”.

      Mevris Orient ecomfort

      Step 15:- 

      Click “NEXT” to complete the “Add Device flow”.

      Mevris Orient ecomfort

      Step 16:- 

      After establishing connection between the system & the internet, you’ll be redirected to the site/asset detail page to verify the status of the added appliance.

      Orient Mevris ecomfort

      If you’re a current user of Mevris, then skip the signup steps and proceed from log-in.

       Note: If you do not get it right at the first attempt then there’s no need to panic, just follow the instructions carefully and you will be able to enjoy your smart air conditioner in no time. And, if you still have any more confusion then feel to contact us at 03000561441.

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