Orient Water Dispensers - Experience Purified Water


Orient water dispenser series combines convenience and style to produce an innovative product with minimal footprint. Built for high volume usage, Orient water dispensers can be installed in offices, schools, hospitals and living spaces. With both traditional hot and cold features, our new models also include room temperature taps that allow you to get that perfect glass of water! All our water dispensers come with an accompanying refrigeration compartment that can house small liquid or food containers.


Available in multiple colors and designs, the Orient water dispenser series can blend in with your home and office theme. With easy top load you can always see the water level for refills. Capable of chilling water to a perfect 11 degrees cold and heating it up to 90 degrees for that simmering cup of tea/coffee, this is the best water dispenser in the market today.


Orient is offering two types of model in water dispenser, that you can see below:

1 - Water Dispenser with 2 Taps
2 - Water Dispenser with 3 Taps


With a powerful compressor and sturdy structure, Orient water dispenser is a purchase that will last you years. All our official products come with 1 year part and 1 year compressor warranty. To purchase or learn more about the best water dispenser in the market, talk to our chat agent now!