Invogue (68750) Refrigerator

Rs.60,400 Rs.47,999


Invogue 18 CU ft refrigerator comes in the color black which gives a sophisticated and luxurious look to your kitchen. The scratch less glass makes it user friendly and long lasting. Invogue gives excellent performance even on low voltage so that you can sit back and relax without any worries. It has a detachable gasket auto defrost which reduces ice build ups. 18 CU ft is a large sized refrigerator which is perfect for joint families. Is it amazing that you can store large amount of food without any hassle?

Orient offers free home delivery with 10 years warranty to serve you in best possible way. Not only this, we have an exciting offer for our online consumers as Orient is giving free microwave oven with the refrigerator. It means you can avail refrigerator and microwave oven in a reasonable price. Take advantage of this offer to never let your food go stale!

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