4 Ton Floor Standing AC (OFS-48SW 1A-A1)


OFS-48SW 1A-A1

With a sleek and classic design, an astoundingly powerful air-throw and super-cooling features, the OFS-48SW, the ultimate cooling mean machine! Additionally, it has a touch display that makes it simpler to operate. The ozone-friendly gas emissions and a state-of-the-art operational system, the SW series is the perfect addition to a bigger room space.

Rated Capacity (Cooling) 14067 W
Rated Power Consumption (c) 4730 W
Running Current (c) 8.2 A
SEER (c) 3.0 W/W
Electrical Data
Rated Voltage 380-415V
Max.Input Power 5700 Watt
Max.Input Current 9.0 Amps
Rated Frequency 3PH, 50HZ
Technical Information
Display TOUCH
Air Flow 2000 m3/h
Fan Speeds 5
Sound Level 50 dB(A)
Air Flow Directions 4 WAY
Compressor 3 Years
Parts 1 Year
R410A Gas 1 Year

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