Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

Smart LED TV

Orient Smart LED TV at a Glance:

  1. - Pair it up with WiFi
  2. - Connect with Home Devices
  3. - Powered by Quad-core Processor
  4. - Playback videos directly via USB
  5. - Transparent Sound
  6. - An Exquisite Entertainment Experience

Orient Smart LED TVs for Smart Entertainment

Engineered to adapt, the Orient Smart LED TV will take care of all your cravings for unbeatable entertainment - at a mere push of a button. The Orient Smart TV can connect with your home devices via HDMI (Higher Definition Multimedia Interface) or playback your favorite videos and songs from your USB device. With the option of Wi-Fi connectivity, you can endlessly search, browse and surf the internet for movies or YouTube videos. Furthermore, you can use your favorite application, all from the comfort of your bed or sofa! Convenient isn’t it?!

The Best of Technology

Powered by a quad-core processor, Orient Smart LED TVs are built for high speed and fast functioning. Our high quality LED panels are built on this core to further enhance visuals and give you an amazingly vivid experience. With a modern zero-bezel design and Dolby Digital Sound, the Orient Smart TV will take you and your family on an endless journey of color, sound and motion. Whether you want to enjoy a classic Hollywood movie or play video games, Smart LED TV will let you be amused without limits. It is a TV that has it all.


Orient Smart LED TV is not just smart entertainment wise but also pocket wise. It offers a vast array of features at remarkably low prices so that no one would miss out on an outstanding entertainment experience!

How to Buy?

Orient Smart LED TV is available at all official stores as well as online via Orient’s website To learn more about Orient’s range of Smart products or to enquire about the Smart LED TV price in Pakistan, talk to our chat representative now.