Wifirocious Offer on Ferociously Smart Inverter ACs!

Are you sick of not knowing how your AC manages to consume so much electricity even if you don’t keep it on all the time and want to replace it with an AC which will help you lower your electricity costs, then look no further! This offer is the answer to your prayers! Orient proudly introduces its collection of Smart Edition Inverter ACs under the Wifirocious Offer so that you get a taste of a truly smart lifestyle for a fraction of the price!

Smart Technology for a Smarter Lifestyle

Now experience technology like never before with the Smart Editions of Orient’s DC Inverter ACs from the Ultron ecomfort series. These air conditioners have been designed so that you can control each and everything about them via your smart device, be it your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop. Its built-in Energy meter gives you accurate statistics of how many amperes, watts, voltages and units the air conditioner has consumed in real time and in the past as well as the best hours to run your AC. This will help you slash your electricity cost dramatically and you will never have to worry about high electricity bills again.

How to use Mevris Mobile App?

Download the application MEVRIS from Playstore or open www.mevris.io via any web browser, make an account, follow the instructions and Viola you are on a roll and you would never want to turn back!

Lifetime Warranty is our Guarantee

You know that the offer is worth availing when there is Lifetime Warranty involved! Thus the Wifirocious Offer does not just offer technological advancement par excellence but also a guarantee like no other of a lifetime’s worth of warranty! Avail the offer now and bring home this deal of your dreams!

Lowest Prices, Maximum Advantage

Orient’s Smart Edition DC Inverter ACs might be new in the market but are up for grabs at the lowest prices under the Wifirocious Offer specially for our tech-savvy online customers. With prices starting from just Rs 52,999 you can be sure that you are getting more than your money’s worth!

Limited Time Offer

Now that you know all you need to know about the mighty Wifirocious Offer and are still speculating whether you should go for it or know, do keep in mind that the offer is only till the end of Ramzan so do not speculate for too long lest you miss out!