Tech Me Home Deals, Take ‘em all!

Orient brings for its beloved customers Tech Me Home Deals on appliances you would really want to take home! Whether you are looking for an Air Conditioner, a quality LED TV or a Refrigerator, we have great offers of all kinds, for every individual. Check out these amazing offers right now:

Our Guarantee: The Life-Time Warranty

The offer that became the talk of the town in the beginning of 2017 is back again: All of Orient’s DC Inverter ACs come with the marvellous Lifetime Warranty. Not only that, it can be obtained both by the online and offline customers and are up for grabs at a discounted price! Get your very own Cooling beast now and spend the Holy Month of Ramzan contently fasting and praying, not worrying about substandard cooling or electricity bills!

4K LED TV Freeasta for a non-stop Fiesta

It takes two to tango, and so we paired up our best-selling LED TVs with FREE Orient Microwave Ovens. Choose from a range of LED TVs; 4K, Smart TV or regular; and get a FREE microwave oven worth Rs. 8800! Thus now you can watch your beloved shows and movies while enjoying scrumptious snacks simultaneously! With 4K Technology, you can experience Ultra High Definition picture quality and browse the internet and various apps courtesy the Smart features. You can even use the free microwave to make delicious Iftaar items for you and your family!

Orient Refrigerators Double Decker Double Offer

Want a nice and long warranty but on the refrigerator instead of the DC Inverter AC? No worries! With the Double Offer on Orient Refrigerators, you can get a Decade worth of Warranty on every refrigerator, that is, TEN whole years! The offer doesn’t stop here however, you can also avail the deliciously discounted prices on the refrigerators for a double Munafa! Only a fool wouldn’t want these added benefits on these gorgeous refrigerators!

All of the three awesome offers are for a limited time, so take advantage of these now before they expire on the 5th June! Don’t be lazy, act upon it right away!