Water Dispenser with 3 Taps (OWD-533)

Rs.15,999 Rs.12,999


Orient’s Water Dispenser with 3 Taps, model OWD-533 makes thirst a thing of the past. The OWD-533 has a minimalistic yet graceful design and looks good no matter where you decide to place it. It employs the most advanced technology to provide you with refreshingly cold water for hot summer days and hot water for delicious tea breaks in an instant.

It also comes with a third water tap for lukewarm water. It has a cabinet with the refrigerator to store your soft drinks, chocolates, and other such snacks. It has a thermostat inside the mini fridge cabinet so that you may adjust the temperature as per your liking or requirement. It also comes with a Child Safety lock to keep your mischievous little ones safe and protected. It is especially a great pick for Ramzan so buy right now and make preparing for Ramzan drinks super easy and super fun!

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