• Non - DC Inverter

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  • 1 Ton Beta Silver W...

    [description start] Description Orient’s new 1 Ton Beta Silver White A/C is an efficient solution for all your air conditioning concerns. Offering numerous operating modes, the Beta is able to...
    Rs.44,899 18%
  • 1 Ton Alpha Grey White

    [description start] Description Enjoy powerful cooling and convenience with Orient’s new “Efficient” series Alpha Grey White air conditioner. This variant by Orient offers affordability and performance owing to its high-grade...
    Rs.44,899 10%
  • 2 Ton Floor Standin...

    [description start] Description With a beautiful silk-white color panel and an energy efficient system, the Ultimate Cool is excellent for both hot and cold weather. It’s 4D Airflow ensures quick...
    Rs.105,900 7%
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