1.5 Ton Ultron Classic DC Inverter Smart Edition

Rs.89,000 Rs.78,000

Classic 18G Super White 2.2.27

Keeping with our tradition to offer the very best in the consumer electronics market, we’re now letting you live a wonderfully smart life with the Ultron Classic Smart Edition! This all-new version of our Ultron Classic DC Inverter comes with an already installed Smart Wi-Fi Kit – which means that your AC is already online-powered. All you have to do is connect it with the MEVRIS app to begin tracking its consumption data in real time and for schedule  management. In addition, it has everything you’ve come to expect from the typical Orient AC – reliability, efficiency, powerful heating/cooling, energy savings,  international level technicalities and an exterior that will leave your guests feeling envious. 

Rated Capacity (Cooling) 5200(2200-5700) W
Rated Power Consumption (c) 1640(550-2200) W
Running Current (c) 7.1(2.5-9.7) A
SEER (c) 3.6
Rated Capacity (h) 5200(2400-6000) W
Rated Power Consumption (h) 1600(600-2300) W
Running Current (h) 7.1(2.6-10.2) A
Electrical Data
Rated Voltage 220-240V
Max.Input Power 2300 Watt
Max.Input Current 10.5 Amps
Rated Frequency 1PH, 50HZ
Technical Information
Air Flow 1200 m3/h
Sound Level 47dB(A)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Indoor 1100x330x235 mm
Outdoor 802×535×298 mm
Indoor 16 KG
Outdoor 37 KG
Compressor 10 Years
Parts 1 Year
R410A Gas 1 Year

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