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    [description start] Description Ultron Super Mirror 1 Ton Ac has the beautiful black mirror panel with the biggest indoor unit and the decent black color. The beauty of Ultron Super...
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Orient Air Conditioners

Pakistan's leading appliance manufacturer Orient introduces it new range of energy efficient air conditioners that will help you reduce your electricity consumption and experience powerful cooling all year long. Our products are set apart by functional performance and design, something that embedded in our core as a company - Live in Innovation.

Our eco-friendly split air conditioners are perfect for every living space. With large indoor units, experience powerful throw and cooling year after year. Orient air conditioners come with weather based operation modes that can help you get consistent performance every time! Engineered after intense research and development, Orient Heat and Cool DC Inverter Air Conditioners are a must have for any home, office or living space.

Complete with the revolutionary technology of DC inverter air conditioners, Orient strives to provide its customers with the highest quality in products with the lowest carbon footprint. With inflating electricity bills and hotter summers, Orient’s DC inverter technology offers consumers a solution like no other. For the best air conditioner price, visit our official stores or talk to our chat agent today. You can also browse our product listing to find air conditioners for sale here at

Unbeatable Cooling All Year Round with Orient's Air Conditioners

Orient, Pakistan’s top appliance company, has established a niche for itself in the market for air conditioners. We at Orient believe our customers deserve nothing but the best, hence our ACs are manufactured to provide strong, unwavering cooling while staying energy-efficient. Our ACs are designed not only to beat the heat in a cost-effective way but also to be kind to the environment. Powerful performance paired with eco-friendly technology and sophisticated designs; Orient’s ACs are the perfect emblem of your desire to ‘Live in Innovation’.

Split ACs, DC Inverter ACs, Floor Standing ACs, we have them all. Whether you are looking for our all-time best- selling Ultron Plus 1.5 ton DC Inverter AC to impart a refreshing coolness to your home or our equally popular 4 ton Floor Stand Ac for your large office space, have a chat with our agent or drop by one of our official stores. You can also browse and buy Air Conditioners directly from our official website.


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