Get FREE Home appliances worth upto Rs 8500 with ORIENT products!

Get FREE Home appliances worth upto Rs 8500 !



  • Afzal Electronics Lahore wins ODSL

    Orient Dealers Super League was recently held in Lahore on 24 January 2016. The event was an exciting exhibition of cricket by Orient dealers from across the country. Eight teams clashed in the ground of Ali-garh Cricket Academy, Model Town Lahore to clinch the ODSL title. All teams put up a great show and played some entertaining cricket. Orient team also participated in the event and got great support from the crowd.

    After nail-biting contests two teams, Afzal Electronics Lahore and Al-Fath Electronics made it to the final. It was hard to predict which of theme two would claim the title. The match began with a lot of spirit and aggression. Both teams showed their skill and energy. In the end Afzal Electronics won the match. Mian Ahmed Fazal, Executive Director, Mian Abdul Rehman Talat Director Sales and Marketing and Abdul Rehman, National Sales Manager distributed prizes among the winner and runner-up team. Winner was awarded Rs. 25,000 while runner-up received Rs. 10,000.

  • Dawn Lifestyle Exhibition

    Dawn Life Style Expo is a platform that provides multiple opportunities to both brands and consumers under one umbrella. Its ultimate effects are always been very optimistic for the both parties because they can get to know other parties specification like different products sponsored by different sellers and learn about their diverse features in one conclusively expo always have immediate  favorable results for both the intermediaries.

    The Event is managed and organized by the DAWN and its main slogan was “All about Life Style”. The exhibition 2016 here held was mainly focusing on different eras of living standards adopted by the merchandise group and ultimately the receivers and i.e buying customers who are mainly the target customer, capturing the entire market.

    Orient Group of Company is an integral Product partner of this Dawn Life Style Event Exhibition. Every time orient came up with Diversified and Multiple modifications in its products to bring ease and comfort in its prestigious clients. Orient Group of company always express sheer commitment with their clients and always exhibit strong association with its target customers related with wide range of mobilized products.

    One very highlighting point which orient always shows in such expos that is Lucky Draws held at the end of Exhibition and in that gift are distributed among the attendants free of it creates a mesmerizing impact for the attendants that means we always welcome and appreciate such events.

  • Dawn LifeStyle Exhibition Islamabad

    On October 20, 2014 Dawn Lifestyle event was held in Islamabad. It brought together numerous lifestyle brands under one roof. Orient Electronics participated in the event with its innovative products. Attractive and interactive stall design fascinated visitors in large numbers.

    Complimentary giveaways were distributed among the visitors. People from all age groups took keen interest in various Orient products and made the event a successful one.

  • Orient Sponsors Pakistan VS Sri Lanka Series

    Orient sponsored Cool & Cool Cup Series between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Orient logos were used in on-ground branding. Prize money for player of the match was awarded by Orient for both Test matches and ODIs. The sponsorship was aimed at supporting cricket and highlight Orient as a brand.

  • Mitsubishi Multi City Training Session

    Orient invited distributors, installers, consultants and architects to Training Session on City Multi Air Conditioning Solution on November 30, 2013. The training was organized by Orient in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric. The purpose of the training was capacity build of the staff and workers about air conditioning technologies. Mian Ahmed Fazal while addressing the participants highlighted the importance of such activities. The session was concluded with the awarding of certificates to the participants.

  • Ration Packs for Earthquake Victims

    As part of its CSR activities Orient’s Firdous Fazal Welfare Trust took the initiative to distribute ration packs to earthquake victims. The Ration Packs were handed over to the Punjab government in order to make the process of delivery and distribution smooth and seamless. Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan Speaker Punjab Assembly visited Orient Factory to accept the donations for earthquake victims. Managing Director Mian Talat Mahmood, Executive Director Mian Ahmed Fazal and Director Sales and Marketing Mian Abdul Rehman Talat greeted Rana Muhammad Iqbal and briefed him about various CSR activities being carried out by Orient.

  • DAWN All About Lifestyles Exhibition 2013

    Holding up a long standing relationship between Orient Group of Companies (OGC) and DAWN group, Orient Participated in the DAWN All About Lifestyles Exhibition 2013 again. The DAWN Lifestyle Expos are held annually in the three biggest cities of the country i.e. Isalamabad, Lahore & Karachi. Traditionally being held in city’s official expo centers. And this year the first of the three exhibitions was held in Lahore at the Lahore Expo Center, which Orient obviously had the pleasure to participate in.
    DAWN All About Lifestyle Exhibitions have always proved to be an exceptional cultivating ground for small and large companies alike. The opportunity to market products in such close vicinity to the end users is always welcome and OGC believes the same.
    The Lahore exhibition was held on a fine winter weekend, lasting two days on the 5th and 6th of January. The Lahore Expo Center attracted some the most popular brands of the country making the place a carnival. Owing to the highly anticipated new range of home appliances introduced by Orient, their stall (stall no. 36) stood home to hundreds of visitors straining to get a glimpse of the ground breaking Orient Entertainer or the newly launched range of LED TVs or the cherry on top; Orient 3D LED TV! This was the first public display of the elegantly designed 3D LED TV which justifiably caught the eye of nearly everyone in the hall.

    o top off the already humongous response received at Orient’s display, the management of OGC announced to hold lucky draw at the stall throughout both the exhibition days. A total of FIVE lucky draws were held at the stall that resulted in five happy families going home with a classy Orient Microwave Oven.
    Being vanguards when it comes to marketing techniques, Orient has always introduced and utilized modern ways of customer building and retention. Having a hefty Social Media presence -especially over Facebook, the Social Media Team of Orient organized the lucky draws in coalition with the company’s Social Network over Facebook. Contestants were entered into the lucky draws by using Facebook check-ins which allowed the users not only to keep track of the activity but to get connected with the company’s official social platform. it is worth mentioning that the popularity of their Facebook Page (Hyperlink to fb) has already reached a handsome 150,000 likes which in itself makes it the country’s most popular page in the home appliances industry.
    For those of our valued readers who have missed out on the Lahore exhibition, let’s just say Islamabad and Karachi are waiting for you. The events will be held on the schedule given below:
    DAWN All About Lifestyles Exhibition 2013 -Karachi
    Venue: EXPO Center Karachi
    Stall number: 153
    Date: 1, 2, 3 February 2013
    Timing: 9AM Till Closing.

    DAWN All About Lifestyles Exhibition 2013 -Islamabad
    Venue: Convention Center Islamabad
    Stall No: 88
    Date: 9 & 10 February 2013
    Timing: 9AM Till Closing.

    As the company is signed up to participate in all three of the exhibitions, it is highly recommended that our valued customers take some time out of their lives to check out Orient’s stall at the coming exhibitions in Islamabad & Karachi. It’s a fun way to spend an otherwise boring weekend!

  • MOU signed Between Orient and Superior Group

    Orient Group of Company and Superior Group recently signed an MOU at Orient Head Office. Haseeb Khan Director PR from Superior Group and Mian Abdul Rehman Talat from Orient signed the MOU.

  • Orient Center Wedding Offer

    Ever friendly and ever considerate towards its customers, Orient family never lags behind in doubling up the joy of its customers on such occasions. This one of a kind offer brings you numerous prizes at every corner of Pakistan. With Orient Centers located all around the country, the company has launched a Wedding Offer for all the customers who shop at Orient Centers. And the numerous lucky draws being held at Orient Centers have increased the chance of winning prizes by a manifold.

    The method is simple, users just need to go and shop for their marriage at the named Orient Centers, fill up their warranty card and drop it in the lucky draw ballot to get their name entered into lucky draws. Begetting never-seen-before prizes like wedding function dinner for the guests, return tickets of Dubai for the couple and not to forget dozens of Orient appliances; this offer is a must get!

    It is worth mentioning here that Orient group of Companies (OGC) has set up Orient Centers all over the country to facilitate customers in reaching genuine products, Orient Centers being Franchised Brand Shops, provide our customers with the trust they need in the product quality. It’s a double shot for users; since the offer is available at dozens of Orient Centers. And in case you don’t know where to go to get a chance at the prizes, do visit the Find Us section of our website, our store locator will help you choose the best option to go and shop from.

    As we all know, the marriage season lasts for months, the company has decided to take the Wedding Offer to the whole length of the season, good news for customers who are still planning their shopping; this offer is valid for the whole month of November!

    We have added the prize details for our customers so that you know how lucrative this offer is:

    Wedding function dinner
    Return ticket to Dubai for a lucky couple
    Orient LED 22” – 1 Prize for every Orient Center
    Orient Microwave Oven – 1 Prize for every Orient Center
    Dinner for a lucky couple – 2 Prizes for every Orient Center
    Knowing how to create a customer base in the market are the trademarks of a company with brighter prospects, OGC is all that and a lot more. Generous towards its customers and always looking forward to be a part of its customer’s glee, Orient has made a place in the market that is irresistible. The wedding offer is a testimony to that.

    Hurry up and get your name entered into the lucky draws, this might just be your lucky day!

  • HAPEE 2012

    On the 8th of September Orient Group of Companies (OGC) not just participated, but created an extravaganza at the Lahore Expo Center. Numerous big names participated in the Home Appliances & Electronics Exhibition 2012 (HAPEE 2012) but our stall was the treat of the day for the visitors!

    The exhibition was inaugurated at the hands of Sardar Muhammad Latif Khosa, Governor Punjab on the 8th of September and lasted for three days until 10th of September. The exhibition attracted a huge audience partly due to the repute of the companies that put up a stall and mostly due to the fun activities held at the EXPO center. Orient has always been a step ahead of the rest when it comes to customer focused events and the tradition was loyally upheld this time as well! The stall was equipped with the complete range of Orient products and thoroughly trained professional promoters accompanied the display to guide and educate visitors about the products.

    Stall number 7; Orient’s fun place had something just for everyone starting from the kids that walked by with their parents holding their hands to the parents who had come by to spend a jolly weekend. And even for the genuinely interested customers who voyaged to the exhibition to get to know our product line. Nearly no one of our visitors went away empty handed.

    A wheel of fortune was set up, being the only one of its kind which the kids just wouldn’t want to walk away from. So much that we had to allow a few kids to pick up the gifts they wanted after numerous failed attempts at winning something. Attractive give-aways were had been arranged in huge numbers for every winner of the wheel of fortune or the second most popular activity “ring toss”. Neither the young nor the old could resist showing off their aiming skills at this and the stall remained jam packed for most of the time. For the tech-oriented youth of today, Orient had set up a gaming station with the most popular gaming console, Play Station 2 set up for kids and young gamers to show off their talent. Every now and then the gaming station would give out a cry of joy as someone would win a car race or complete a combat mission.

    Integrating social media with their activities at the expo, Orient took another step while holding lucky draws. For the 6 lucky draws held during the exhibition, entries were made into the draws using Facebook, all of our Facebook fans were entered into the lucky draws through a simple verification process and the lucky draws were held there and then, in front of the waiting Facebook fans. If the other activities were less of an attraction, the lucky draws and the ensuing roars made a clean sweep throughout the exhibition hall. Fans poured into our stall in huge numbers with amazingly varied age groups and walks of life. One would certainly reconsider if all of them were Facebook users, but yes they were and the 6 luckiest fans among them went home with free Orient Microwave Ovens!

    The ever popular, Orient Entertainer stood out to be the show stopper as visitors pooled around its show casings to get a better look. The technically informed customers were all ears to everything that our staff had to say about features and specifications –which of course are the first of its kind for a refrigerator! The walks through allowed visitors to have a decent look at the complete range of Orient’s products and they were happy to get a chance at physical usage experience, especially when it came to the newly introduced LED TVs. Orient had put up LED TVs on public display for the first time, and the keenness of our customers in wanting to know more about the was visibly great. Another one of Orient’s newer products, Washing Machines had also been put up on display which was of interest for every house wife who made it to our stall.

    If you had missed this fun packed weekend, we would strongly suggest you stay in touch with our Facebook page to stay informed about our upcoming activities. A greatly overwhelming feedback has put the company in even better spirits that were already soaring high –expect something even bigger the next time around!

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