Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

Orient Split Air Conditioners

Orient Split Air Conditioners for Impactful Cooling

Orient Split Air Conditioners (AC) have dominated the energy efficient market with their state of the art engineering and cooling systems. It is in fact, not just an ordinary, mediocre appliance but a lifestyle statement for the forward thinking individuals, reliant on the most modern methods. It is, in other words, a perfect blend of modernity, style and high performance.

European Grade Compressor to Combat the Heat

With larger and more powerful indoor and outdoor units, Orient Split ACs are perfect for the hot and humid summers in Pakistan. All Orient Split ACs come with European grade compressor technology to give superior cooling performance. This allows you to enjoy powerful cooling year after year whilst managing your budget through reduced electric consumption. Even load shedding and power failures cannot repress Orient Split Air Conditioner’s cooling. Thus it is perfect for homes or office spaces and highly recommended for individuals on a tight budget who do not want to compromise on quality.

Green Technology for a Safer, Healthier Environment

Orient Megatron 1.5 ton Split ACs are elegantly designed machines that not look great on the wall but also out shine and outperform the competition by a great margin. They do all this whilst relying on their carefully formulated, reliable green technology that helps promote a healthier and happier lifestyle and a greener, safer, more breathable environment.

Orient Split Air Conditioners at a Glance:

  1. 1. Budget Friendly Price
  2. 2. Efficient Energy Wise
  3. 3. Environmentally Conscious Technology
  4. 4. Sustainable Powerful Cooling
  5. 5. Stylish Appearance

How to Buy?

The Orient energy efficient series has the best Split AC for sale in the market today and comes at a very attractive, affordable price. To further inquire about the Split AC prices, please talk to our chat support agent now.