Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Orient Floor Standing Air Conditioners to Leave a Cool Impression

Orient Floor Standing Air Conditioners at a Glance:

  1. 1. Powerful Cooling
  2. 2. Latest Engineering Methods
  3. 3. Environmentally Conscious
  4. 4. Uniform Air Distribution
  5. 5. Free Home Delivery

Developed for office spaces and large halls, the Orient Floor Standing Air Conditioner is one of the most sought after cooling solution in the market today for corporate and commercial use. Designed with care using modern engineering, these state-of-the art machines are built to give you the ultimate cooling experience. Available in two different sizes; 2.0 ton and 4.0 ton; Orient’s floor standing ac transforms into a powerhouse when turned on, immediately making tranquil, stress easing winters out of sweaty, humid summers of Pakistan.

How the Orient Floor Standing Air Conditioner Functions?

All of the Orient floor air conditioners have an adjustable swing louver so that no corner of the room is excluded. This adjustable swing louver is coupled with long throw engine that allows consistent, uniform air distribution of the air conditioning.

Environmentally Responsible Technology

Most of the air conditioners in the market do not their responsibility towards the environment into consideration. Orient, however believes that as the leading electronics company, it is our duty to set an example of environmentally conscious production. Orient floor standing air conditioner therefore makes use of the ozone friendly R410A gas and is CFC free ( the dangerous chlorofluorocarbon), so that you can lead a healthier, happy life while protecting the earth.

How to Buy?

Orient has the best floor standing AC price in all of Pakistan. You can conveniently buy Orient Floor Standing Air Conditioner with online booking and get it delivered free of cost to your desired location. To learn more about our floor air conditioners, or to inquire about a corporate order please talk to our chat agent now.