Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

DC Inverter 1 Ton ACs

Orient DC Inverter ACs

Pakistan’s summers are unbearably hot, sweaty and humid, but not if you bring home Orient’s 1 ton DC Inverter AC. It cools your room in minutes thanks to its large Indoor unit and strong air throw that extends as far as 50 ft. Orient’s 1 Ton Dc Inverter ACs come in three gorgeous models with modern design which are Ultron 13K8, Ultron Classic and Ultron Plus. These three 1 ton models all employ the e-comfort technology, are perfect for small to medium sized rooms.

Save as much as 60 percent on Electricity

When you have Orient’s Inverter AC at home, saving on the electricity bills actually becomes a piece of cake. Due to the Inverter technology, the AC never consumes more energy than necessary; in other words, you can be sure to get superb cooling and low energy cost every single time!

Healthy Ozone means Healthy You

Ozone protects the Earth from harmful rays of the Sun but HCFC emitted from split ACs damage it severely, increasing global warming. In order to be more environmentally responsible, our experts have developed DC Inverter ACs which utilize the eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant in place of the harmful R-22 which doesn’t release dangerous Chlorine in the air.

The Future of Home Automation, Ecomfort Technology

Orient’s 1 Ton DC Inverter ACs all come with the ecomfort technology. When Orient’s Smart Wifi Kit is attached to it, it can do wonders. I can be scheduled to turn on or off, inform you of the hours best for energy saving and lower electricity cost, and even shows you graphs displaying when and how much energy it has consumed! Smart indeed!

Lifetime Warranty, Limited Offer

Like all of Orient’s DC Inverter ACs, 1 Ton Inverter ACs too come with the might Lifetime Warranty on their compressor. So when your compressor starts giving you trouble, you can get it replaced whenever you need. But, remember, the offer is only valid till 1st Ramzan, so it is best to get your Lifetime Warranty now before the time runs out!