Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

DC Inverter AC 1.5 Ton

Orient 1.5 Ton DC Inverter ACs

Air conditioners are a necessity in Pakistan due to its Continental Climate. With the summers getting hotter by the year, it is necessary to stay cool and avoid health hazards caused by the merciless Sun without breaking the bank. This is where Orient’s Air Conditioners come into the equation. Orient’s 1.5 ton DC Inverter ACs are available in the perfect size and can be mounted in any room. Orient’s DC Inverter ACs have the biggest Indoor Unit in the market and powerful air throw which extends as far as 50 ft so that you can be sure that the cooling reaches every nook and corner of your room. It comes in three stylish models; the Ultron Classic, the Ultron Plus and the Ultron Bold; with ecomfort technology starting from just Rs 59,999!

Up to 60 percent Electricity Saving

Orient’s 1.5 ton DC Inverter ACs provide endless cooling at a fraction of the cost. With the inverter technology, it never uses more power than necessary, consequently not only saving energy but also cutting electricity bills by half.

Safe for You and the Environment

Preserving the environment is absolutely crucial. That is why our DC Inverter ACs utilize the eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant instead of R-22 which is composed of HCFC, a known threat to the ozone layer.

E-comfort for Optimized Homes

Our 1.5 ton DC Inverter ACs are not only powerful coolers but also smart. When paired up with Orient Smart Wifi Kit, it can be controlled from your phone, laptop or tablet no matter where you are. You can schedule it to turn itself on or off when you desire and can view the energy it uses in real time, thus helping you monitor your electricity cost.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Offer on All Orient DC Inverters

All of Orient’s 1.5 ton DC Inverter ACs come with a Lifetime Warranty on the compressor, however, this offer is only for a limited time. Getting a Lifetime Warranty means that if the compressor shows any signs of exhaustion, you can get it replaced by a new one, whenever you want. Remember that the offer is only till 5th June so act upon it now to avail its benefits all your life!