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Shop Online and Get a Chance to Win a Ticket to London!

DC Inverter ACs

Buy Orient DC Inverter ACs

Orient, the Pioneer of DC Inverter ACs in Pakistan, brings an air conditioning experience like never before. Orient DC Inverter AC is the perfect amalgamation of the most advanced technology and ultimate sophistication; it will not only provide optimum cooling during summers but also keep you warm during winter while looking like a contemporary masterpiece on your wall. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that is one of the most popular, always in demand products in our portfolio!

Powered by Revolutionary European Technology

We at Orient are proud of how energy efficient our DC Inverter AC is. Orient DC Inverter AC cuts down the energy consumption by a huge margin as compared to the ordinary air conditioners available in the Pakistani market. This has been made possible by the revolutionary European technology it is equipped with! As it is manufactured for the local market, it also has the ability to run on UPS and generators during the load shedding hours so that you won’t have to suffer in the hot, humid weather. Hence now you can stay cool and stress-free all the time!

How the Orient DC Inverter Air Conditioner Functions?

The DC Inverter Air Conditioner technology levels out power consumption by reducing the current flow to the compressor, unlike the standard split ACs which cut the supply to the compressor and turns it back up again increasing the power consumption. This method helps in reducing the overall consumption making it an extremely budget friendly appliance.

Buy Orient DC Inverters with Brand Warranty & Free Home Delivery

Choose now from a range of sleek designs; for the DC Inverter AC price, visit our website To buy DC Inverter AC, visit your nearest official outlet or buy online directly from Orient's official website by clicking "Buy Now" button.